Greensmoke Electronic Cigarette:

One of the best electronic cigarettes:
Greensmoke is one of the most popular electronic cigarettes on the market today. Having smoked for many years, I've tested at least four other brands and so this recommendation is from personal experience.

I'm not going to tell you that the Greensmoke electronic cigarette is the perfect solution to your man's smoking habit. No electronic cigarette is like smoking real tobacco cigarettes.....certainly none that I've found. Nor am I going to say that's it's the cheapest or most affordable brand of electronic cigarettes that you can buy. It isn't. But what I am gonna tell you is that it is the brand that most closely simulates the smoking experience. This electronic cigarette produces a consistent "mist" as well as the "hit" smoker's get when they inhale.

That's what I personally needed to finally give up tobacco cigarettes. It really helps with the hand to mouth part of the smoking habit but it is soo much healthier. You're inhaling either a plain water "mist" (if you specify the no nicotine cartridges in the kit) or water with a little nicotine mixed in (if you specify the low nicotine cartridges in the kit). You choose if and how much nicotine is in the cartridges that go into your Greensmoke electronic cigarette. No more inhaling hundreds of toxic chemicals or "firing up" your man's lungs. It's a much healthier alternative to those blasted tobacco cigarettes and just might be able to help your man find his way back to healthy lungs. Greensmoke Electronic Cigarette