Ideas Are Free

It's often the case that coming up with the right idea for your man's xmas gift/s is all you need. Sometimes finding the time just to stop and think, especially if you're a busy Mom or wife, can be tough.

That's why this page is here: to present you with several different ideas that might just jog your thinking and help you focus on just the right gift for your man or the men in your life.

Gift Ideas For Your Full Grown Man:

* Lottery Tickets

*Sports Game Tickets

*Sears Tools Gift Certificate

Gifts For Your Tween, Teen or 20 Something:

The Money Box: Boys in this age range can be especially challenging to buy for so here's an idea that's worked wonders in our family. Decide how much cash you want to give your young man, get it in mostly singles, add a $5 or $10, crumple all the bills up slightly. Next, get an appropriately sized gift box to fit all these bils and then wrap it up. I've often used a shirt box (spread the bills out a bit) for xmas gift giving. This idea has also worked well for special occasions and it feels better than just giving the usual gift card. Watching their faces light up can be a special treat.

The Sophisticated or Just Silly Game/Toy: While it might seem improbable, certain games and/or toys can work well if there is more than one older boy in a family that you need to gift. 20 somethings have raved about the electronic helicopter I sent one year as well as the flying pig game.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas: I'm seeing name pens all around this year so I've already given them to my son and husband tied on top of their birthday present boxes. Wouldn't these make great stocking stuffers for some of your men?